Classic Car Restoration

We offer a restoration service from the replacement of a single part right up to a body off, nut and bolt rebuild. Sporting Classic Marques offer full or part classic car restorations, engine rebuilds, lead free conversions, mechanical repairs, servicing, welding, M.O.T. repairs, paintwork, electrical work and interior trimming.

We restore to original specification where appropriate on historically important cars or upgrade to client requirements through a vast array of upgrade options in virtually every aspect of the vehicle.

We are proud of the many significant and historic cars we have restored and are currently restoring. 

  • Bare metal restoration
  • Body off restoration
  • Part rebuild
  • Bespoke coach building (full vehicle or panels)
  • Engine rebuilding and enhancement
  • Crankshaft regrinding
  • Rebores
  • Suspension, chassis and brake enhancement
  • Mig and Tig welding
  • Paintwork
  • Windscreen restoration 

Historic Rally Car Restoration

There are many things that can be done to a car, however, this is an historic sport where we try to recreate the challenges and experiences of a by-gone era. Therefore, with the exception of certain safety aspects, only period modifications are allowed. 

You could rally a completely standard car, but by improving performance, reliability, increasing safety and adding gadgets which improve performance and reliability, it’s difficult to not get thoroughly drawn into the world of classic motorsport.

We can Prepare your Classic Car for:

  • Classic Scenic Tours
  • Historic Road Rallies
  • Hillclimbs and Sprints
  • Historic Endurance Rallies
  • Historic Stage Rallies

If you’re a keen enthusiast you may feel tempted to prepare a stage rally car in the garage at home but fitting a welded or bolted in roll cage is going to require some considerable welding and fabrication skills. So it is often best left to a professional preparation garage. The same can be said for seat mounts which can be difficult to install. We can advise you on all of this as well as smaller but vital matters such as fuel tank and electrical modifications. This will leave you with the informed choice as to do some of the work yourself or you may wish to hand the project to Sporting Classic Marques and we will restore, rebuild or create your Classic Rally Marque and we will also document the progress with a full photographic portfolio of the work from start to finish. This work is very competitively priced as we feel as passionately about your classic marque as you do.


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